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Emily has been teaching since 1994. She has taught creative writing, literature, visual studies, and environmental science to students of all ages, from kindergarten through graduate school, at the Hulbert Outdoor Center, NatureBridge Yosemite, California College Of The Arts, FIT, Hunter College, and Parsons The New School for Design.


School Visits & Presentations

A school visit typically consists of a large-group assembly followed by breakout sessions with classes or teams, during which time Emily can teach a lesson on Selkie myths, folklore, and the different genres through which folklore and myths come to us, facilitate a writing and craft session, or combine a reading from the book with an art project. Some sample programs are listed below:

Sample Programs

Assembly Reading/Presentation and/or breakout sessions with classes/teams

No size limit on assembly/Breakout projects limited to 3 classes/teams per day

1. Elementary or Middle

Myths, Legends, & Genres


Program: Read a Selkie story or a Selkie poem, listen to a traditional Selkie song, and watch a video of a Scottish folklorist performing a story about Selkies from his culture.

Three Activity Choices

2. Middle (Appropriate for grades 5-6)

Craft Talk


Program: How does a writer get ready to write a story or an essay? Where do ideas come from? How do you begin a story? Introduce character sketches, mind maps, and buzzer freewriting.

Three Activity Choices

Skype Offerings

I am often asked if I do Skype visits and presentations, and the answer is: Yes, I do!

— Twenty-minute Skype visits for book club – free
— Forty-five minute Skype virtual school visit – $200.00


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