Indie Bookstore Roadtrip!

Just what IS the state of the independent bookstore in America today?

Tucked amid the grim statistics and what seems like a steady stream of bookstore closings and newspaper articles bearing bad news, there is a story of survival and success being told by small, independent bookstores across our big-box-store country. Where are they and how do they do what they do? On the Indie Bookstore Roadtrip, I’m going to find out!

From Boulder to Burlington, my husband, Paul and I are driving across America, eating, taking photos, visiting friends & making new ones, and especially exploring independent bookstores, signing books, interviewing owners, and getting the lay of the land. I’ll be blogging right here about what I find!

The Indie Bookstore Roadtrip ’14 is an investigation, but more important, a celebration, of the health of one of our most precious assets – the community-minded, independent, book-loving and people-attracting bookstore in America today.

Welcome aboard!!

* If you are interested in taking part in the Indie Bookstore road trip and/or interested in an author visit, please contact:

Sadie Trombetta Publicity Assistant, Random House Children’s Books
1745 Broadway, 9th Floor│New York, NY 10019

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