Jack Daniels, swimming holes and books

Arkansas! Although this was not an official Indie Bookstore Roadtrip stop, I thought I’d put up some photos anyway – Arkansas was so beautiful that  it would be a shame not to share…

First of all, Jack Daniels,IMG_7772also known as JD, also known as dog-of-Neta, our wonderful hostess (along with her partner, Cecil) in Arkansas. Here I am relaxing with JD.


Arkansas was a great place to stop and catch our breath – horse back riding, swimming holes, and long nights on the deck watching the moon rise.

Neta and her amazing workshop
We rode with Jill, who graciously shared out horses all around!

IMG_3359 IMG_3399


IMG_3345 IMG_3368We finally (and reluctantly) left Neta’s place, pointing south and east for Oxford, Mississippi. We got a bit lost just off Neta’s mountain, and stumbled on a tiny rural library, somewhere in Arkansas, that had a sign out front reading “Books Needed.” We were lost, but we had books – an entire box of copies of “Lost Children of the Far Islands,” in fact! So we pulled over and I signed a book and left it to the library. We found our way back on the right road and headed to Mississippi, with our non-book stop that turned out to be a book stop after all retreating in our rearview mirror. Thank you Cecil, Neta, and Jill – we can’t wait to come back!

IMG_3431 IMG_3429 IMG_3436IMG_3427





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