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As you know if you have been following this blog, my husband Paul and I are on a home-grown book tour (the Indie Bookstore Roadtrip) of independent bookstores from Boulder to Burlington, VT. The idea is to meet great people, see great bookstores, and get the IMG_7136word out about “Lost Children of The Far Islands” (You can read an article that I wrote for The Children’s Book Review about the home-grown book tour here).

Our most recent stop was Telluride, where we not only got to check out an awesome independent bookstore, but also participated in our first completely home-made event – a potluck book signing at our friend Rosemerry’s house. Rosemerry, a super-accomplished poet and all-around wonderful person, hosted a potluck to which she invited a list of families. I have to say, it was one of the most enjoyable book events that I have ever participated in! We lounged around in the beautiful back yard while the kids played, then gathered for a dinner picnic. After dinner we went inside and talked for a while about magical powers, then I read a chapter and signed books for sleepy, happy kids. It was a blast!


IMG_2859Book tours, as I wrote in the recent article, are becoming more and more rare. But perhaps they don’t need to be. Perhaps all it takes is some creative thinking, some generous friends, and a bunch of kids coming in from chasing snakes and fireflies to lay around and listen to a story or two before bedtime.

Our hostess, Rosemerry, and me, tired but happy at the end of the night
Our hostess, Rosemerry, and me, tired but happy at the end of the night

Thank you, Rosemerry & Eric, and thank you to all the great kids who came to the potluck book signing!

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